Why buy reclaimed?

Reclaimed roof tiles can dramatically improve the overall look of your project blending in seamlessly with an existing roof or nearby buildings

Reclaimed or second hand slates and roof tiles come in some beautiful varieties, some are actually antiques and in parts of the country certain roof tile types must be used as required by the local planning authority

We have direct access to a number of well stocked reclamation yards and we have founded a reclamation yard partnership with reclamation yards and roof tile suppliers all over the UK

Clay roof tile manufacturing process

This is a brief article describing the manufacturing process of a clay roof tile. The article describes modern and older techniques used in the manufacturing process

Machine made clay tiles

Most machine made clay roof tiles in the UK are made by sourcing clay from quarries or local resources and the clay is crushed and broken down into small enough particles to work with. Water is added to the clay particles and when the consistency of the mix is correct the clay is cut into manageable lengths and cut down to smaller sizes to be pressed into the tile moulds

The moulds are transferred to kilns where a drying and firing process is carried out by an automated process run by modern computers which is a far cry from earlier manufacturing methods that used a lot of energy. Not much clay is wasted, any clay left over re-enters the process and is later pressed into the tile moulds

Hand made clay tiles

Hand made tiles are often manufactured using wooden moulds which include a sand release agent to enable the tiles to be removed from the moulds easily. This is less common nowadays but there are still some manufacturers that use this method. Hand made tiles have good dimensions and are durable and weather proof


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