Why buy reclaimed?

Reclaimed roof tiles can dramatically improve the overall look of your project blending in seamlessly with an existing roof or nearby buildings

Reclaimed or second hand slates and roof tiles come in some beautiful varieties, some are actually antiques and in parts of the country certain roof tile types must be used as required by the local planning authority

We have direct access to a number of well stocked reclamation yards and we have founded a reclamation yard partnership with reclamation yards and roof tile suppliers all over the UK

Roof tile weathering

Do roof tiles weather and change colour over time?

The answer is yes but the good news is that rooftiles mature to a desirable and attractive colour and the changes are not noticeable to the human eye over short periods of time. The bad news is that this maturing effect can take some time which is why reclaimed tiles are suggested for roofing projects to blend in with the current roof or give the effect of a natural weathered roof

Experiments have been conducted to measure the colour change of roof tiles that have been exposed to the outdoor elements. After a few years of exposure to the elements, in comparison to a sample of newly manufactured roof tiles tests have shown that the roof tiles have lightened but to an extent that cannot be seen with the human eye

The outcome is that the rooftiles mature and develop a “weathered” effect which is partly due to them lightening and also that moss grows on them as well as algae. This weathering effect can have a positive effect on the overall look of your Roof


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