Why buy reclaimed?

Reclaimed roof tiles can dramatically improve the overall look of your project blending in seamlessly with an existing roof or nearby buildings

Reclaimed or second hand slates and roof tiles come in some beautiful varieties, some are actually antiques and in parts of the country certain roof tile types must be used as required by the local planning authority

We have direct access to a number of well stocked reclamation yards and we have founded a reclamation yard partnership with reclamation yards and roof tile suppliers all over the UK

Roof tile matching service

Rooftile matching service, what are the benefits?

There are many benefits for matching reclaimed roof tiles to an existing roof or integrating them as part of a new project:

  • Your roof or project will have a more even and balanced look especially if there are existing weathered tiles or a discontinued brand of tile on the roof
  • Buying reclaimed tiles is quite attractive because the roof can take on an authentic or a weathered feel to blend in or give your roof a desired look
  • The price to buy reclaimed tiles can work out cheaper than buying new tiles in some cases

What is the process?

To match roof tiles is relatively straight forward. For a good match a tile sample or good photo of the tile or roof is required to aid in matching reclaimed roof tiles to existing roof tiles of the correct colour and variety are sourced to match the existing roof or roof tile

Other options to consider:

If you do not want to buy  reclaimed roof tiles but want to buy new tiles then the tile matching is a process of matching new tiles to existing but you will probably find that new tiles may not fit quite right unless they are reproductions with exactly the same dimensions.

At matchatile we believe that buying reclaimed roof tiles will give better results especially when you have existing tiles. You may also get the tiles for a reasonable or bargain price depending on what project it is

To use our tile matching services please contact us and provide a picture or send us a sample


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