Why buy reclaimed?

Reclaimed roof tiles can dramatically improve the overall look of your project blending in seamlessly with an existing roof or nearby buildings

Reclaimed or second hand slates and roof tiles come in some beautiful varieties, some are actually antiques and in parts of the country certain roof tile types must be used as required by the local planning authority

We have direct access to a number of well stocked reclamation yards and we have founded a reclamation yard partnership with reclamation yards and roof tile suppliers all over the UK

Broken TileReplace a cracked tile

If you have a cracked roof tile on the roof and you have noticed you have a water leak you can make a temporary repair to the area

A temporary repair will weather proof you from the elements which is useful if you have no roofing expertise or don't have the materials to do the job yourself. Longer term roof tiles can be sourced to replace the cracked or broken roof tiles

Do you have access to the roof from outside?

To reduce the risk of water damage you could weather proof the tile temporarily. All that is needed is to lift the good tiles around the cracked tile by wedging them up with some wood or something adequate so that you can use a wire brush to clean the surface around the crack

What materials can be used for weather proofing?

A couple of good options are flashing strip primer which can be used to coat the cracked area. The primer will bond once the flashing strip is secured in position. Ensure the flashing strip is long enough to cover the crack completely. Push the strip into place and check it is well seated. Use a small roller over the strip to firmly push the strip down into position. Another option is using a bitumen based sealant, this is a simple process, just use an applicator gun to inject the bituminous sealant along the crack ensuring there is enough to make a good seal to keep water out

Do you have access to the loft?

If you have access to the felt or cracked tile from the loft you can use expanding foam to seal any cracks or voids leaving a water proof temporary repair

Long Term Repair

It will be best to consult a roofer to carry out a repair or a survey depending on the damage and have the cracked tiles replaced to ensure the roof is sound and the water doesn't get in through the cracks

If you have been quoted a high price to replace roof tiles, why not contact us to see if we can source them for you for a cheaper price


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