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Imp roof dragon finial
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Imp roof dragon finial

Let this roof dragon ward off any unwanted visitors as it sits majestically and proud on the top of the roof

This is a unique beautiful example of a roof dragon hand crafted in a terracotta colour and antiqued to make a stunning piece. This roof dragon will fit on any type of ridge tile making it easy to add a creative feature to your roof and a talking point for any visitors

This will look great on the roof, customers use dragons for new and old roof projects such as period or grade listed buildings, garages, porches, re roofs, cottages, summer houses, extensions and conversions – Just about any roofing project you could think of!

As this dragon is from a unique range it is very unlikely that anyone near you would have one the same

Weight: 50KG

Height: 33"

Length: 16.5"

Degree: 45

Availability: All products are bespoke hand made designs and are delivered in person or on pallet via courier to UK addresses. All prices quoted on finials and architectural ridge tiles include delivery charges so the price you see is the price you pay. To order a finial please contact us via email so that we can send you an invoicepayment request. Allow up to 10 working days to receive goods. Items are hand finished and dispatched as soon as possible



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