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Clay kent peg tile

Clay kent peg tile

Product: Kent peg tiles (Kent pegs) are high quality Kentish hand made clay peg roof tiles which are made using locally dug clay. They are a popular choice for many country houses, grade listed buildings and you will often see them mainly in villages but also historic towns or areas where the council stipulate they must be used in any roofing work to preserve the look of the building and surrounding structures

Centuries ago there were many country estates that produced their own tiles, bricks, chimney pots and other clay products, among them were the Kent peg tile variety. The Kent peg tile dates back to roman times. Their size can range from anything upto 9 – 10 inches by 6 inches wide, they do not follow the standard size of many other plain tiles making them easy to identify

This variety of tile is a very high quality tile, they are hand made and you often see the actual hand prints on the back of the tile. Production of them is time consuming which makes for a quality finished product

The brief process to producing a Kent peg tile is that the clay is extracted from the ground or more commonly by a nearby river, the clay is then mixed with water to make it easier to work with either by hand or by modern machinery. The clay is then cut into shapes and added to moulds and sand is added which will eventually give it the final colour. The tiles are then fired in the kiln at over 1000 degrees and when they cool they are ready to be used

Something that is unique with Kent peg tiles is that they have square holes instead of round holes that you will see on peg tiles from Essex, Sussex and Cambridgeshire. The old way of roofing with Kent peg was to cut soft wooden pegs to the size of the hole in the tile and fix them to the roof! When the pegs absorbed water they expanded to hold the tiles tight. Nowadays they are often nailed to the roof to make roofing with them easier

Applications: Houses, New & old roof projects, Repairs, Renovation and more

Manufactured: Hand made

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