Reclaimed roof tiles, roof slates & roof finials from our Essex reclamation yard for delivery to Billericay

This website is a great place for homeowners, roofers, architects, DIYers, businesses and other customers to locate and buy salvaged materials in Billericay from our reclamation yard. If you require reclaimed roof tiles for a small repair job or hundreds for a new build, house extension, garage, stable, porch, re-roof, barn or other roofing project we have available a range of valley & bonnet tiles, roof ridge finials, clay & concrete roof tiles, reclaimed roof tiles, slate roof tiles (or roof slates) and other reclaimed & salvaged materials

A brief selection of our reclaimed roof tile range includes reclaimed clay and concrete roof tiles such as Anchors, Brindle roof tiles, Deltas, Handmade clay roof tiles, Keymers, Natural clay roof tiles, Oast roof tiles, Ready weathered roof tiles, Sandringham, Terracotta roof tiles, Welsh slate roof tiles. Customers favourite products include rosemary tiles, stonewold roof tiles, angel ridge finials and welsh roof slates from manufacturers such as Marley, Redland, Sandtoft, Dreadnought and more

Do you stock any other items?

We do a special range of hand made and reproduction roof finials including angel finials, column finial spike, dragon roof tiles, gargoyle roof finials, half round fleur finials, roof angels, roofing supplies, scrolled gargoyle finials and small scroll finial fleurs plus many more

Roof finials add a creative finishing touch to your roofing project, we have a large range all of which can be shipped in the UK

Can products be delivered of collected?

We can offer delivery options to Billericay, we often do free delivery on large orders and competitive delivery prices on all other orders using our own haulage or courier service. Collection from our yard is also possible

We provide useful services such as sourcing, matching and buying roof products online backed with over 25 years of experience and advice. We carry stocks of hundreds of roof slates, roof finials,  reclaimed roof tiles and fittings in our own reclamation yards and we have access to partner reclamation yards all over the UK where we can source additional products

We offer many products so why not browse our site or use our search facility to find listed products or contact us if you require a product that we don't have listed

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