Why buy reclaimed?

Reclaimed roof tiles can dramatically improve the overall look of your project blending in seamlessly with an existing roof or nearby buildings

Reclaimed or second hand slates and roof tiles come in some beautiful varieties, some are actually antiques and in parts of the country certain roof tile types must be used as required by the local planning authority

We have direct access to a number of well stocked reclamation yards and we have founded a reclamation yard partnership with reclamation yards and roof tile suppliers all over the UK

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We have thousands of reclaimed roof tiles in stock in many different varieties and colours

In addition to salvaged roof tiles a large and diverse selection of roof tile fittings, roof slates, ridge tiles, chimney pots, architectural roof finials such as roof dragon finials, gargoyles, victorian and block end finials and other reclaimed materials are stocked in our salvage yards

The products that we stock are perfect for new builds, re-roofs, renovations, loft conversions, house extensions, garages, roof repairs or just about any other type of roofing project you can think of

Our reclamation yards are based in North Kent and Essex. We help Architects, Roofers, Businesses, Homeowners & DIYers to find reclaimed roof tiles everyday. Our products have been used in projects ranging from grade listed buildings such as manors, churches and barns to simple garden sheds and more

View our roof tile pictures and information: Match roof tiles against an extensive range of reclaimed roof tiles. We have reclaimed roof tiles for sale, reclaimed slates for sale and roof finials for sale

Match your roof tile online and receive a quote:We can match a roof tile sample against an extensive range of reclaimed products, please send us a close-up picture of the roof or roof tile sample via our tile matching enquiry form or send your sample via post

What types of roof materials can be sourced?

We stock and source a large and diverse range of reclaimed roof tiles mainly from the main manufacturers in the industry. We have Marley roof tiles, Redland roof tiles, Dreadknought roof tiles, Keymer roof tiles, Sandtoft roof tilesand many more including plain roof tiles, acme roof tiles, clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, nib tiles, weathered roof tiles, kent peg tiles, sussex peg tiles, rosemary roof tiles, continental tiles such as sterrenberg, courtrais and loumans as well as roof slates or slate roof tiles as they are also known including Welsh roof slates, Chinese roof slates and Westmoorland roof slates

We also have an extensive range of roof finials or ridge finials as they are also known which include roof dragon finials, gargoyle finials, angels, birds, cats, small finials, reproduction Victorian finials and block end finials all of which are quality reproduction or bespoke items that have passed british standards tests of quality and durability. Of course we do much more than we have mentioned including indian stone for patios etc. If you contact us we would be happy to help you source the material you are looking for and based upon your requirments send you a quote for any of our or partner reclamation yards products

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